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Critique of anthropology, 34 (1) march 2014


Alan Smart
Critical perspectives on multispecies ethnography


Nicholas Malone, Alison H Wade, Agustín Fuentes, Erin P Riley, Melissa Remis, and Carolyn Jost Robinson
Ethnoprimatology: Critical interdisciplinarity and multispecies approaches in anthropology

John G Galaty
Animal spirits and mimetic affinities: The semiotics of intimacy in African human/animal identities

Paul Hansen
Hokkaido’s frontiers: Blurred embodiments, shared affects and the evolution of dairy farming’s animal-human-machine

Olivier LaRocque
Revisiting distinctions between ranching and pastoralism: A matter of interspecies relations between livestock, people, and predators

Gerald A Oetelaar
Worldviews and human–animal relations: Critical perspectives on bison–human relations among the Euro-Canadians and Blackfoot

Review Article

Gunships in the Night by Eliza Jane Darling: David Price, Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in the Service of the Militarized State, AK Press, 2011

Book Reviews

Dena Freeman
Dinah Rajak, In Good Company: An Anatomy of Corporate Social Responsibility

Casey High
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, The Inconstancy of the Indian Soul: The Encounter of Catholics and Cannibals in 16th Century Brazil

Jacqueline Knörr
Danny Hoffman, The War Machines: Young Men and Violence in Sierra Leone and Liberia

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